1000 Litre Slimline Aquaplate Steel Water Tank SL1007B

Capacity: 1000 Litres
Height: 1870cm
Width: 750cm
Length: 920cm

The modern 1000 Litre slimline steel tank is designed with smaller properties and limited space in mind. In a tight spot this can make the huge difference of whether you can walk down the side of your house past your tank or not. We use Colorbond Aquaplate steel reinforced with internal stainless steel bracing to deliver a peace-of-mind product.

BlueScope Steel Classic Cream™ COLORBOND® Steel Colour by Waterline Steel Water Tanks
BlueScope Steel Deep Ocean® COLORBOND® Steel Colour by Waterline Steel Water Tanks
Galvanised (No Colour) Steel Tanks by Waterline Tanks
BlueScope Steel Jasper® | COLORBOND® Steel Colour by Waterline Steel Water Tanks
BlueScope Steel Monument COLORBOND® Steel Colour by Waterline Steel Water Tanks
BlueScope Steel Pale Eucalypt COLORBOND® Steel Colour by Waterline Steel Water Tanks
BlueScope Steel Paperbark® COLORBOND® Steel Colour by Waterline Steel Water Tanks
BlueScope Steel Surfmist COLORBOND® Steel Colour by Waterline Steel Water Tanks
BlueScope Steel Windspray® COLORBOND® Steel Colour by Waterline Steel Water Tanks
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What’s included with your tank

Outlets and valves

Options include threaded, PVC or Roll groove outlets from 20 to 300mm. Taps available to suit.


Usually either through the roof of the tank with a mozzie proof inlet strainer or through the side wall with a PVC spigot.

CFA/Firefighting Accessories

Range of CFA Couplings, Storz fittings, vortex inhibitors and Fire Hydrant Tank accessories to suit CFA, BAL rating or Fire Service requirements.


Options include PVC or HDPE from 50-300mm

Detention orifices

Any size orifice to comply with your stormwater detention/retention requirements.

Other accessories to compliment your tank

Pump Kits – including mains changeover kits for toilet/laundry use, water filters for any application, tank water level indicators, float valves and first-flush devices.

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Weight 65 kg
Dimensions 95 × 72 × 187 cm




Height (mm)


Length (mm)


Width (mm)




Toilet Flushes


Washing Machine Loads


Hand Washing



Classic Cream, Deep Ocean, Galvanised, Jasper, Monument, Pale Eucalypt, Paperbark, Surfmist, Windspray, Woodland Grey


10 Years Workmanship Warranty, 20 Year Steel Warranty


Additional 25mm Outlet, Additional 50mm Oultet, CFA 65mm Fire Kit (boss, valve, & screw connector), Standard 25mm Outlet & Valve, Storz 65mm Fire Kit (50mm outlet & valve, 65mm Adaptor & Kit), Upgrade to 50mm Outlet & Valve

Pump Options

None, MULTI 1100PC Garden Pump, RS6-INOX45S2MPCX Tank-2-Mains Switch, KRB2 Tank-2-Mains Switch, Evolution MKIII Tank-2-Mains Submersible

Supplied Accessories

25mm brass ball valve, 25mm threaded tank outlet, 400mm leaf screen and light guard, 90mm or 100mm overflow fitting

Strong. Secure.

Beyond superior strength, steel tanks deliver a wide range of benefits. Our round and slimline tanks are made from BlueScope corrugated Aquaplate steel with genuine Colorbond finish. This ensures a perfect water quality and a great looking tank. Aquaplate steel tanks are designed to withstand corrosion and flames and survive under Australia’s extreme UV rays.


Using Colorbond steel in the manufacturing of our tanks means we are able to create any size and shape, without sacrificing strength or reliability. Whether you need your tank to be round or square, short or tall, we can create a tank to suit your needs.


By using internal Aquaplate coating on our tanks, we can assure you that your tank will be a worthwhile investment. Our Aquaplate Colorbond tanks are backed by a 20-year warranty from BlueScope Steel. Designed to last a lifetime!


Our Aquaplate steel tanks will not distort or bulge. They are unaffected by harmful UV rays and will not deteriorate or split over time. These tanks are tough!


Add value to your home and garden by combining a traditional Australian corrugated tank with the modern Aquaplate Colorbond steel. A true Aussie Icon!

Tank Benefits

  • Up to 23 Modern COLORBOND® Colours to choose from
  • Made from BlueScope AQUAPLATE® Steel, designed for water storage
  • Inner Stainless Steel Support Frame, prevents bowing and bulging
  • Lined Food-Grade Polymer (AS2070) and Safe for Drinking (AS4020)
  • Industry-Leading Warranty – 20 Year Corrosion, 10 Year Construction
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia
  • Approximately $100 Worth of Accessories Included!
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