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Slimline Tanks

Maximises water storage for restricted space
Sizes from 450 Litres to 10,000 Litres
Custom-build to suit your requirements
Slimline Tanks

Our Slimline Tank Range offers you a sleek, modern design to suit any application

The modern slimline shape tank is designed with smaller properties and limited space in mind. We use Colorbond Aquaplate steel reinforced with internal stainless steel bracing to deliver a peace-of-mind product.

Customisable tank dimensions means we can make a slimline tank to suit almost any project – whether commercial, domestic or industrial. That includes basement carparks, under a staircase or in a tight space on the boundary of your property.

Available in the standard round ended slimline or the new rectangular style

Our range of Slimline Tanks are available in the traditional round end style, or the modern square-end rectangular style.

Our rectangular style Waterline Squared tanks allow for large bore connections on all sides of the tank giving  flexibility in system design where banks of these are coupled together. This gives a high capacity of storage within a very narrow footprint.