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End to end solutions

Working with years of industry experience and the latest technology, we’re able to tailor a complete package to suit your needs. We’re known for our value-adding work with tradespersons at all stages of the building process, including planners, architects, hydraulic engineers, plumbers, builders and landscapers. Talk to us about your next project – we’re ready to review your plans, provide a quote and deliver the tank you need to meet your deadline. With Waterline, it’s always that easy.

Stormwater Detention Systems

Supplying a detention tank is a simple solution to controlling stormwater runoff on a property. On an increasing number of building permits it is a condition to have a system where stormwater is collected and slowly released through a small orifice into the drains, rather than releasing it all at once.

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CFA Storage Tanks

In bushfire prone areas, some new homes are now required to have a steel tank for CFA use in the event of a fire. This tank may require Storz or CFA 3-thread-per-inch connections, and needs to be fire-proof. Our full range of steel tanks are suitable for CFA storage tanks, and we can provide you with all the necessary accessories to fulfil your permit.

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Concrete Tank Repairs

Our repairs to concrete tanks include internal liners and external straps to stop leaks and preserve the structure of the tank. This can save a leaking or weeping tank and add years to its life. A cover on your tank reduces evaporation and improves water quality.

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AquaSwitch Toilet Flushing Systems

To achieve a 5-star energy rating on your new home you can install a tank to supply rainwater to your toilets. Waterline Tanks supplies some of Victoria’s largest home builders with toilet-flushing systems, and many smaller builders. With rough-in diagrams provided to ensure a neat and easy fit-off, and a flexible delivery date to suit, […]

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Commercial Applications

Let us design you a tank system to meet all the requirements of your commercial water tank needs. Our tanks can be found from the basements to the 32nd floor of some of Melbourne’s largest buildings.

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Fire Service Tanks

Our tanks and accessories meet the strict requirements for Fire Service applications. Fire Service tanks are specified on commercial or community buildings where the mains pressure is not sufficient to supply the required flow rate to hydrants in the case of a fire.

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