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Melbourne's Most Trusted Colorbond Steel Water Tanks Supplier

We design, manufacture and deliver steel water tanks of every shape and size to suit commercial, domestic, rural and industrial sites.

Slimline Steel Tanks

The modern slimline shape tank is designed with smaller properties and limited space in mind. Sizes range from 450 Litres to 10,000 Litres.

Round Steel Tanks

A round tank is the most cost-effective solution for water storage where space is not a problem. Sizes range from 200 litres to 25,000 litres.

Liner Steel Tanks

Liner tanks boast a large capacity for serious water storage. Ideal for a commercial application or rural water supply. Sizes range up to 350,000 Litres.

20 Year BlueScope Warranty

10 Year Workmanship Warranty

5 Year Commercial Warranty

Watermark Approved Certification

Steel Supplied by Bluescope Steel

Genuine BlueScope Steel

Proudly Australian Made

About WaterLine

Trusted People. Trusted Tanks.

Beyond superior strength, our steel water tanks deliver a wide range of benefits, ensuring that you get the perfect water quality and a great looking tank. Our tanks are made from genuine BlueScope corrugated Aquaplate steel with a Colorbond finish that's designed to withstand corrosion and flames and survive under Australia's extreme UV rays.

When it comes to choosing the right steel water tank to collect rainwater, irrigate your gardens, supply water to your house, fulfil CFA requirements or to store water for stormwater detention, then you need a tank that’s not only designed and built to last, but one which will suit your specific site.

Each tank is individually produced here in Gippsland, Victoria under a strict quality control system ensuring that your water tank will last the test of time.

Here at WaterLine Tanks we also work with all tradespersons at every stage of the building process which include planners, architects, hydraulic engineers, plumbers, builders and landscapers.

Genuine Bluescope Colorbond® Steel

WaterLine Tanks use BlueScope Aquaplate steel, which is highly flexible and guarantees a tank that will last.

Custom built to your requirements

Customisable tank dimensions means we can make any tank to suit almost any project – whether commercial, domestic or industrial.

30+ Years of Industry Experience​

We draw on our years of experience working with multiple industries to guarantee performance and quality.

Certified to Australian standards

All of our steel water tanks are certified to ATS 5200.026 (individual certification number is 23105). Proof of a tried and trusted tank design.

Long-life construction warranties

Because we stand behind all of our products and services, we offer a 10-year workmanship warranty on all WaterLine domestic tanks.

Expert and friendly service team

We design and deliver our tanks to each customer, with an unmatched level of personal service at every step of the process.


Water Solutions

Toilet Flushing Systems

To achieve a 5-star energy rating on your new home you can install a tank to supply rainwater to your toilets.

Stormwater Detention Systems

Any size or shape tank can be modified to detain stormwater.

CFA Storage Water Tanks

Protect your assets and fulfil CFA requirements with a fire-resistant Colorbond tank.

Commercial Water Tanks

We can design you a tank system to meet all the requirements of your commercial water tank needs.

Commercial Fire Protection Tanks

Compliant water storage for fire-fighting services.

Raised Steel Garden Beds

Grow your vegies in a stylish Aquaplate Colorbond Raised Garden Bed.

Quality, Strength & Durability

Our steel water tanks are built to last.

Benefits of using Steel Tanks

BlueScope AQUAPLATE® Steel

Bluescope AQUAPLATE® Steel is Australia’s premium tank-making material. This material has an tough internal food-grade polymer lining bonded to the steel. It combines durability, strength, lightweight and performance, and is backed by a 20 year warranty from Bluescope Steel. Aquaplate steel complies with Australian Standards (AS4020) regarding the safe storage of water for human consumption.


By using internal Aquaplate coating on our tanks, we can assure you that your tank will be a worthwhile investment. Our Aquaplate Colorbond tanks are backed by a 20-year warranty from BlueScope Steel. Designed to last a lifetime!

Water Quality

Aquaplate steel is an Australian designed and made product which has been tested and approved for potable water to AS 4020 making it perfectly safe to use for drinking water. In fact, compared to other materials, Aquaplate is very inert giving you one of the best water qualities – no nasty plastic taste leaching out into your water. Enjoy every glass!


Steel tanks have been proven to out-perform other tanks in bushfire situations. In both real-life situations and testing undertaken by the Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre steel tanks surpassed other materials in both length of test and structural integrity of material. There when you need it!


Using Colorbond steel in the manufacturing of our tanks means we are able to create any size and shape, without sacrificing strength or reliability. Whether you need your tank to be round or square, short or tall, we can create a tank to suit your needs.


Our Aquaplate steel tanks will not distort or bulge. They are unaffected by harmful UV rays and will not deteriorate or split over time. These tanks are tough!


Add value to your home and garden by combining a traditional Australian corrugated tank with the modern Aquaplate Colorbond steel. A true Aussie Icon!

20 Year BlueScope Warranty

10 Year Workmanship Warranty

5 Year Commercial Warranty

Watermark Approved ​Cerfitication

Choosing Your Water Tank

Assuming that your property has mains water available.

The Three use cases for water tanks

Choosing the right water tank for your property depends on many factors including water usage, the available catchment area, the number of users on your property and the availability of mains water.

With the rapid rise in inflation costs and the general standard of living, it’s wise to invest in a water tank solution for your home to help reduce some of your water bills. Rain captured by your water tanks has several household uses, which include garden irrigation, flushing toilets, supplying water to your pool, washing cars and even doing your laundry.

Also don’t forget, a rainwater tank has the potential to add value to your property, and we all know what’s happening with property prices right now.

Our tank specialists can guide you in the right way to find the right water tank for your needs.

Outside Use Only

Ideal for washing the car or watering the garden whenever you feel like it, you can enjoy water freedom with tanks of any size – the larger you can fit the more water freedom you will have. Every 1,000 litres will give you around 60 to 90 minutes of water.

Part house supply with mains backup

To connect your toilets, washing machine and an outside garden tap to your tank, we recommend a minimum of 2,000 to 5,000 litres. Five-star regulations for new homes require 2,000 litres to be connected to toilets, with anything more a bonus.

Whole house usage

This usually requires a minimum of 50,000 litres. The tank can be connected to your whole house to provide zero reliance on mains water – perfect for the environmentally conscious person who also wants to save on water bills.

Waterline tanks were very easy to work with from start to finish. They pointed out and quickly reimbursed an overpayment I had made. They kept to their timelines, which is impressive these days. Their delivery man was polite and friendly - nothing was a problem. Thank you!

Bill S

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The kind and helpful staff from Waterline were very patient in assisting us to order the tank we needed and deliver to us on time, with all the extra parts ordered ready to go. The craftsmanship of the construction of the small tank exceeded all our expectations and the professionalism of every member of the organisation is to be congratulated!

Antoinette B.

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I would like to thank the management and staff of Waterline Tanks for the Professional, Reliable and Friendly assistance with my order. The delivery of the tank was prompt and precise to my site. The price was excellent also. I would recommend Waterline Tanks to anyone contemplating a Water Tank purchase.

Geoff B.

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Excellent service, from sales to delivery. Not only they have suggested me the best colour and the size of the tank; they have also promptly communicated with me for the best time to arrange the delivery.

G Kuan.

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Fantastic to deal with! Very friendly sales staff, delivery driver was a gem! Couldn't fault any of the process. Tank delivered quickly as promised! Thank you!

Erin M.

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My experience in using Waterline Tanks was great, the team were so easy to deal with, the product is quality, I could not ask for more. They deliver when they say they will and on time. Thanks Katie!

Don C.

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Great result, Joseph and the team at Waterline happily accommodated my need for a small custom tank and stand to fit a tight spot. Highly recommended!

Luke J.

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