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Your tank size requirements depends on what you will be using your tank for, the rainfall your area receives in a year and your catchment area. Call 1300 728 030 and speak to one of our helpful staff for an idea of the size tank you require.

Aquaplate is BlueScope’s premium tank-making material. Developed through many years of testing, Aquaplate coated steel holds a 20-year rust-free warranty. The Aquaplate material is a polymer coating fused to the inside of the steel which prevents water ever touching the steel, and giving you a superior water quality. See the specification download for further information

Yes! All our tanks are made to ATS 5200.026. You can rest assured that you are purchasing a high quality product. An annual audit ensures that our facility and production methods are all up to the strict standard requirements.

Aquaplate steel tanks hold one of the longest warranties on the market. Our tanks won’t crack if the ground moves like concrete tanks, and they are never affected by UV rays or split and bulge over time like a plastic tank. Rest assured our tanks are made to last.

Yes! Part of our certification requires all materials to be in accordance with AS4020 – “Products for use in contact with drinking water”. As an Aquaplate tank will not break down, there is never a danger of anything leaching into the water over time.

In the event of a bushfire, a steel tank is the most reliable type of tank. Testing has proven that the structural integrity of these tanks will not break down or melt while under a flame attack. The report can be downloaded below. If you are building a house in a BMO (bushfire management overlay) zone, you may be required to provide a fire-proof tank dedicated to firefighting use with a suction point for the CFA to connect to.

In the downloads section see our pad preparation sheets regarding site preparation for your new tank. Note that the base required for round and slimline tanks are both different. Once you order the tank, we will send through a sheet for you to fill out your required fitting size and placement.

We focus on Victoria, but can service other regions when necessary. Based in Gippsland, we have daily deliveries to metro and Peninsula areas, and weekly deliveries to most other regions.

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Slimline Steel Water Tanks